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Make a Request!

Candy James is taking your requests for the All Request Lunch Hour, right now! Follow the link and let Candy know what you'd like to hear. You can also sign up to win our lunch for 10 at Schooner's Coastal Kitchen!
Office Hero
Here's a nice way to start the work week: Monday morning is your chance to be an Office Hero! Win a box of donuts from Red's in Seaside and Monterey. Greg Dean will tell you where he is at 7:30am Monday morning.

Local Business Directory

The Central Coast is home to a variety of unique businesses.   The KWAV Marketplace is a showcase for those companies offering goods and services that help shape the personality of the area.  We invite you to shop local and support these businesses that help our community grown stronger.

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Date Time  Location
Thur 7/10 7:30a La Plaza Bakery - Geenfield
Win Rodeo tix
Thur 7/17 7:30a La Plaza Bakery - N Davis Road Salinas
Win Rodeo tix
Fri 7/25 5:30a Barry & Karen from Gilroy Garlic Festival
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